Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pre Nursery Schools - Good or Bad for Your Child

Today's time is a time of young generation. And any nation can do rapid progress only because of their youth power and to prepare healthy, active and smart young generation we have to invest in our nation’s children. Because childhood is the time where we can give shape to our child to any direction either in good or bad. So, it is a duty of a parent and nation to provide facility for the children’s. And for this purpose there are various pre nursery school in different part of the world. But in India it is mostly limited to big cities or we can say that to the metro cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai etc.
As the word suggests prenursery school means the schooling we do before nursery. Prenursery schools could be private, government or semi-government. These are the schools for the age between 3 to 5 years old children’s. These schools prepare our child for nursery schooling.
At this stage of age parents should promote their child to take part in the school activity .It gives exposure to improve their mental smartness. We know that today is a time of science and technology and our generation is becoming habitual of using gadgets like iPhone, iPad, tablets, computer etc. at this earlier age. So it is harmful for them. We have to encourage our child to do things by yourself like playing with sand to make sand castle, building block games etc.
Prenursery schools are very important in today's time. They help our child to improve their mental alertness. By regular going to these schools the child becomes habitual of using his mind and do creative work. Parents are also advised to take part with them. If parents also take part in co-curricular with their children then they start learning with great devotion and enthusiasm. It is the prime duty of the parent to look after their kids.
Sometimes it has been seen that parents are over caring their kid’s .Parent thinks that it is good for their chick but actually they are hindrance in their development process. Here's the role of prenursery school comes. These schools provide care along with mental advancement. So, school helps the kid how to live away from family and also prepare himself to do all their work of own.
Children also need emotional touch from their parents. We have to give an environment so that a child can easily understand what is happening in their surroundings. It gives ability to observe, react, response etc. to them which is very necessary in today’s time. It helps to understand the feeling of others like what to do, how to do, how to react in front of strangers.
Prenursery schools also helps in the Social development of our child. Social development encourage to participate in group, make contacts with other members of the group, improves interaction quality etc. They could also help in management of time, conflict management and negotiation.

At last in my opinion play schools are very much beneficial. But first it is the responsibility of the parent to nurture their child. Because parents are the one with whom a chick spend most of the time. If parents are not giving time to child then no one can help in the development of children. Its parents with whom a child feels safe, comfortable and confident .And no one in this world can take place of parents. So it's a prime duty of parents to look after their children. Play schools are like tools which we can use in our absence but we can't completely rely our child's future and development process on them. But play schools are really very important as I mentioned above but couldn't be the alternative of parents. So first parent along with prenursery schools will give our child a bright future.


  1. Quite a factual post about need of early childhood education! I also think it is necessary to enrol kids to early childhood schooling for a strong knowledge base of kids. My son also goes to Phoenix pre-k where he learns a lot of things that will help him in future studies.

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